Improve efficiency of business operation
from traditional method

We worked with KiddyABC to develop a tuition management system that specially customize to their business needs.

The Challenges

The school has to manually manage databased of students, executing financial transaction and at the same time do teaching, or student grade book detail and management of each and every class which led to inefficiency for teacher and administrator. Hence, the key objectives of this project were to:

- Implement automated integration into school to improve efficiency and meaningful evaluation reports

Our Approach

- We build cloud based school management system which can shared across 8 outlets

- Automated their critical functions such as pre-admission application forms, attendance, timetabling, analytic reporting to accommodate the unique requirements of KiddyABC

- Building Parents Portal which able to improve engagement between school and parents


- Efficiency Improvement with Real Time Intelligence

- Increase in Teaching Quality due to reduction in admin work

- More effective communication between parents and teachers

- Reduce Costs and Less Admission Paperwork