Responsive Web Design

You know for a fact that first impression counts. So why settle for less when it comes to your website?

Find the design that shows off your personality, sends off the right message, and calls out to your target audience.

Or maybe you already have a website that speaks volume about what you do. What next?

You might want to test check your site responsiveness. Ensure it works perfectly on any device - smart phone, tablet, or desktop; because aside from providing an amazing online experience, it also drives traffic to your website. Consider these:

  • Starting 21 April 2015, Google will be expanding the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.
  • ComScore reported in April 2015 that mobile has officially overtaken desktop as the most used digital platform when it comes to Internet surfing.
  • Google's report shows that 71% of in-store consumers turn to their smartphones to fill information gap.
  • According to Econsultancy's User Experience Survey Report, 62% of companies that designed a mobile-friendly website experienced increased sales.
  • In another Google survey, 61% of users said that if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site, they’d quickly move on to another site.

When your site is responsive, you can also count on these four benefits:


1. Save Money and Time

With a responsive site you no longer need to build a separate site for mobile browsing. That means cutting your development and maintenance costs by half. Yes, redesigning your site requires an upfront cost, but you'll save money in the long run.


2. Improve Page Ranking

Now that search engines (particularly Google) are favoring responsive sites in search results,you can be sure your website won’t lose out in the ranking game. Stay relevant by being mobile and tablet friendly.


3. Increase Conversions

Not losing out in the ranking game gives you visibility; and with visibility, you will start to get the traffic you want. The smooth, seamless experience from the moment your visitor starts searching to landing on your website will mean higher conversions for you.


4. Make your website run faster

When your site is well adapted to various environments (screen size, platform, orientation), re directions that are required at the back end are cut down; that makes landing on your website (on a mobile device) a lot faster.

Once you have decided to go for responsive web design, you can leave the rest to us. ‘Coz now is the time we do our magic.

Our 6-step process to designing and developing your website:

  • Design brief
  • SWOT analysis (find out that kind of magic you do and who benefits from them)
  • Market research & competitor analysis
  • Brand identity
  • Site map
  • Wireframes
  • Design concept
  • Graphical mock up
  • Design review
  • Site production
  • Coding
  • CMS set up
  • Test on various devices
  • Bug fixing
  • Review and revise
  • Online marketing plan
  • SEO
  • Social media set up

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