Streamline Daily Business Processes For Adults Training Provider

We addressed the pain points of Wong Fong Academy and developed a customized training management system to streamline their administrative works in a systematic, effective and paperless way.

The Challenges

Wong Fong Academy (WFA) used a Training Management System (TMS) which was designed and developed back in 2014. WFA has since expanded multiple folds with further expansion growth envisaged. Several upgrades and bug fixings were performed on the TMS over the years in tangent with WFA's growth. However WFA faces constraints on the ability to further upgrade the TMS mainly due to the way the system was designed which was meant for a much smaller scale operations.

Our Approach

- We built a customized training management system providing a centralized platform for WFA to manage the full spectrum of their administrative works.

- We automate the entire operational processes of the training company, starting from course scheduling, trainee registration, invoice generation, course reminder, attendance tracking, until academic result tracking and e-certificate generation.

- Built a corporate client portal to enhance the interaction between WFA and their clients.

- Integrated with WFA’s accounting software to auto push financial data from TMS to accounting software.


- Automate the online registration process to increase the course bookings

- Significantly reduce admin works

- Increase the efficiency of course scheduling

- Automate payment collection process by integrating with online payment gateway

- Save time for attendance tracking process by auto generating attendance sheet for each class